Main news of the cryptocurrency and the Blockchain to 2018

Main news of the cryptocurrency and the Blockchain to 2018

Today's news cryptocurrency dedicated to the anniversary of bitcoin and the predictions of experts regarding the future. If you do not pay attention to the skeptics and pessimists, it seems quite good and favorable for the community.

The blockchainitself is used in many industries, from IT to healthcare, and the crypto-currencies have become an integral part of the international market. Startups spend ICO, collecting millions of dollars of investment, are creating funds for social programs. Softened the attitude of the state authorities. Perhaps the top most popular coins will get those, from whom nobody expected such a success.монеты

The year of the fire rooster that Asians carried out in February, was revolutionary for cryptocurrency and evolutionary for many States. Remember how recently of the Central Bank and other officials have talked about banning trade BTC and aldolase, calling to criminalize. Now formulirovki softened, preparing regulatory bills.

The crypt was not only the equivalent of money in the digital world, but also a means of popularizing complex technologies, which recently were known only to specialists in cryptography.

Main news of the cryptocurrency and the Blockchain to 2018

Of course, no housewife will be engaged in mining, but in the domestic sphere will enter the blockchain app and other technologies. One of the main branches suitable for this task entertainment. Recently the furor game CryptoKittens. She pointed to several drawbacks of existing platforms, were reminded of the need for effective scaling. Blockchain platform, originally designed for the development of private projects, (Corda, Ethereum) will significantly simplify the functionality, expanding the user base.


Government bodies are thinking about crypto-payments. While such initiatives exist in Japan and some developing countries. The inclusion of the game's largest corporations will mark a new era. They are willing to invest time, money and personnel in technology development. Decentralization in the labor market will increase.

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