News Zcash For. The completion ceremony of the largest Powers of Tau

News Zcash For. The completion ceremony of the largest Powers of Tau

The conclusion of the ceremony the Powers of Tau brought cryptocurrency to the zcash for the implementation of upcoming changes to software. The ceremony showed that the developers, community members and other stakeholders have created a random code for the privacy Protocol zcash forto make it more secure. It is noteworthy that those who participated in the program, got rid of cryptographic "toxic waste" - a random code is used to protect the Protocol, destroying their own computers and using other decisions to generate.

Shaun Bowe, a member of the zcash for the Fund, announced the completion of the project in the newsletter developers. In his message he added:

"All the participants did a remarkable job and I am very pleased with the variety and opening ceremony. Many members of the cryptocurrency and cryptographic communities were in the program an active part and contributed".

The ceremony was attended by about 90 people, each of which uses unique methods of creation of cryptographic parameters.

All these actions were taken for the preparation of the second phase of the global update is scheduled for 2018. The first stage was called Overwinter, stage main stage of preparation is called a Sapling,

Update Sapling, as previously reported, will introduce several new features, including the way disclosure of information about payments, transactions between the block chains and token zcash for. It is worth noting that the Power of Tau can scale to hundreds (or even thousands) of participants. The growth in the number of chain members is increasing protection levels.

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