Fifty forks of Bitcoin

Fifty forks of Bitcoin

Bloomberg, citing representatives of the company Autonomous Research points to the possibility of committing during the current year to 50 forks of Bitcoin. The report States that hardforce are among ways for fast earnings, and they are interested in a growing circle of people.

In the company's management noted that the number of those who are really interested in improving the original Bitcoin becomes less, and those who seek to obtain by the division of financial benefits, more.

The same opinion is shared by many other members of the professional community, pointing to the emergence of numerous forks of the mutants generated by investors, subject only to the rising cost of cryptocurrency.

A number of experts suggests that in the future ppl were frequency will be able to circumvent host the ICO, as their implementation is much simpler and cheaper, and to cope with the task without deep programming skills. Today, the Internet exists there are plenty of sites that allows ppl were cryptocurrencies, so you can expect preservation of the tendency of their quantitative increase.

The main tools of attraction of means of the forks can become in countries where the initial placement of ICO are banned at the legislative level, for example, in China.

It is worth Recalling that the results of the 2017 years there have been 19 divisions of Bitcoin. Among the most prominent of the new coins, you can allocate Cash for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold. If the forecasts are correct, the number of pre-forked instances of cryptocurrency No. 1 during the year will increase by 2.5 times.

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