Use bloschanevych technologies for science

Use bloschanevych technologies for science

Intel, in its new patent application reviewed methods of blockchain used when dealing with digital currencies, in the sequence of nucleotides in DNA and RNA.

The first time the application was filed in the summer of 2016, in which the inventors N. Smith and R. Poornachandra describes the computer, named by analogy to a farm for mining – "platform for sequencing" (SMP) of nucleotides In DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid)

Nucleobase called molecules that carry the genetic information of every living organism – DNA and RNA. That is the order of their arrangement determined by the characteristics of all living things on Earth.

In the patent application noted that it is planned to use SMP to determine the order of nucleotides in the prototype, which after tested by the method of the blockchain to record it.

методика определения порядка нуклеотидов

In the application noted:

  • the method suggests ways of carrying out useful work along with the search blocks;
  • the method includes providing a device and methods of their operation for capacity information processing system for sequencing of nucleotides in DNA and RNA.

In this approach, a sequence of nucleic bases to use to establish the algorithm of the proof-of-work (POW), for recording the new blocks in the chain blockchain.

The idea of combining blockcanvas technology of genetic sequencing is innovative. Projects with digital currency (e.g., genecoin) gave a hint to use hash in scientific research.

From Intel Corporation followed statemente that the algorithm to verify that makes capture impractical or damage to the blockchain. The company proposed a new mechanism will be multi-purpose. New blocks will appear simultaneously with the determination of the genetic sequence of the proposed data.

Accordingly, when a new consensus algorithm will not only identify consistent, but checked afterwards. The sequence itself, which will be recorded in a single block, will be the matrix for the resolution of the algorithm in the subsequent block.

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