Red Bull gives cryptocurrency.

Red Bull gives cryptocurrency.

Good news for fans of energy drinks - Red Bull is now not only inspires, but gives cryptocurrency! The company recently launched a program that allows you to obtain tokens KIN as a reward for a review of the company.

To participate in the event must register in the mobile app KinIt and to answer questions from the chat bot about the product Red Bull. For every 10 responses , the user is charged a certain amount in tokens KIN, which depends on the specific survey. In addition, cryptocurrencies can be earned by watching ads, solving puzzles, or participating in other programs of the platform brands.

In addition to the Red Bull app KinIt took advantage of Austrian jewellery company Swarovski. According to representatives of the company, a blockchain platform KinIt allows you to improve the process of interaction of the enterprise with customers to develop an effective development strategy. The system allows you to collect honest information about the quality of products and attitude to the company as a whole.

Startup KinIt signed a partnership agreement with the company Swelly and technology firm true[X]. Swelly integrated into the platform the bot to conduct anonymous surveys, and true[X] provides access to premium content (video streams, movies, TV channels, etc.) for tokens KIN. In addition, cryptocurrency can be exchanged for the exchange HitBTC, YoBit, Fatbtc and several others. In recent days the KIN value decreased by 8.34% and is 0,010078 rubles. Daily trading volume reaches 65 million rubleat.

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