Russian Blockchain Week 2018 Moscow is an interesting event for the crypto-community

Russian Blockchain Week 2018 Moscow is an interesting event for the crypto-community

Russian 2018 Blockchain Week is 5 days of immersion in the blockchain industry, for which you will receive knowledge and relations which will take years. The event will feature more than 70 top experts, who step by step will tell you about all the possibilities of the use of technology, real case studies and, of course, will answer the key questions: what new opportunities does the technology business and individuals.

Russian blockchain week 2018 consists of several parts:

  1. The conference
  2. Exhibition Blockchain & Crypto Expo
  3. Cryptoclass REU them. Plekhanov
  4. Blockchain hackathon
  5. Workshops
  6. Afterparty

At the event, you will meet with experts to get acquainted with the founders of leading start-up projects, potential investors and get the opportunity in an informal setting to discuss issues that interest you.

Among the other speakers:

  • Sergey Solonin - CEO of Association of financial technologies, CEO and founder of QIWI
  • Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi - Committee on regulatory policy, Crypto Valley
  • Iliya Dimitrov - the Ombudsman on the digital economy
  • Dinis Guarda CEO at Ztudium, founder Blockimpact, founder
  • Blagirev Alex - Managing Director of the Fund VEB - Innovations, rukovoditel development project R3/Corda in the CIS
  • Elina Sidorenko - Professor, head of the working group on risk assessment of turnover cryptocurrency of the state Duma of the Russian Federation
  • Jennifer Trelewicz - Executive Director of S7 TechLab
  • Alexander Borodich , Founder blockchain platform Universa
  • Pavel Novikov , Director of the center of financial technologies. The SKOLKOVO Foundation
  • Maxim Azrilyan - Chief technical architect-alpha Bank and others...

6 types of events throughout the week in one place:

  • Introduction course: training workshop "Cryptoclass" according to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies from REU them. Plekhanov
  • Conference: more than 70 presentations from top speakers. The conference will be held in 5 parallel threads on different thematic areas. Come to the conference and choose those reports which will be of most interest to You.

Russian blockchain week 2018

The main themes of RBW:

  • Cryptocurrency: investing and trading
  • Blockchain for business
  • ICO
  • Blockchain development: innovation and trends
  • Financial technologies
  • Legal practice
  • Mining and equipment
  • The pitches of projects
  • Exhibition Blockchain & Crypto Expo: 100+ representatives in the blockchain industry.
  • Master classes: learning on real cases from the knowledge-holders. Intensive 2-hour immersion in a separate topic with practice from practitioners. Topics of master classes:
  • The development of smart contracts
  • Arbitrage between exchanges for traders
  • The analysis of technologies of the TOP 20 coins.
  • The hackathon, dozens of talented designers compete for a cash prize and community recognition in the blockchain, the largest hackathon in the CIS.
    The theme of the hackathon:
  • Blockchain solutions for business
  • SafelySt blockchain
  • Payments
  • Crosscan
  • Logistics solutions
  • Afterparty: new relationships, knowledge, contacts and discuss projects in an informal setting.

That will give you the conference?

- Understand new technologies and prospects of its application.

What is the blockchain? How to work cryptocurrencies? What is the fundamental principle and where does the revolution. Step-by-step analysis with case studies and examples.

You'll see practical value in the large companies and startups.

Understand how the blockchain and cryptocurrency can be implemented in practice: case studies of big business and small start-UPS who are already using this technology.

- Fresh ideas for business and investment.

On investment in cryptocurrency earn tens of thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home, miners have a passive daily income, corporations launch new directions, a small start-up team attract millions on their projects for several months.

- Gain new friends, connections and business contacts.

The conference participants — the core audience that is interested in advanced technologies and the development of business projects. The maximum concentration blockchain community of Russia.

To apply for participation, to get more information about the conference, its speakers and the program on the official website: or by phone +7 (499) 404-17-03.

The official event page in Facebook:">

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