The Israel diamond exchange will release its cryptocurrency

The Israel diamond exchange will release its cryptocurrency

The promised land in recent decades was included in the list of the most advanced in terms of technology States. Israeli businessmen are investing in innovation and local research institutes are engaged in advanced developments. Interesting news cryptocurrency received from the representatives of the Diamond exchange. It is planning to produce two virtual coins, not provided the promises of the developers, and the physical asset, that is, diamonds.israel diamad

Why the need for "another" coin?

The creators of the project believe that in the world market are too many conservative players consider bitcoin and its analogues selling air and land on the moon. They use Fiat money, and time-tested financial instruments. Backed by the status of the digital currency's diamond reserves, as, at the time, was with gold, to attract the attention of these businesses to the project.

Plus the fact that "Carat" and "Cut", created on the basis of the blockchain, will be much more stable. After all gems have a stable course, in contrast to the same BTC and ETH. The use of new technology will also allow you to use for transactions fast and secure solutions based on smart contracts.

It is known that Carat, ¼ provided drag. stones, created to attract investors, and the Cat will apply for payments between bidders.

The Ministry considers that the actions of the exchanges can help to get rid of the reference to the cash that hinder the development of the trading system as a whole. For the promotion of already developed new software. Its task is to collect data from manufacturers, sellers, buyers and grid companies associated with jewelry. Also pprovoditsya General market analysis.

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