The company Bitfury came the technology of tracking is unreliable transaction

The company Bitfury came the technology of tracking is unreliable transaction

Manufacturer of solutions for blockchain platforms BitfuryGroup presented a new tool for Crystal. Using it is supposed to find and investigate criminal violations in blockchains bitcoins. The introduction of the new product occurred during the interview with company representatives for the portal CoinDesk.coindesk

BitfuryGroup developing a platform within two years. And the new solution should radically change the concept of bitcoin as a means to conduct financial transactions on the black market.

"The networks that use the bitcoin blockchain, for a long time lacked a simple and convenient tool for tracking operations with assets, verification of addresses of senders and recipients," — said Valery Vavilov, CEO of BitfuryGroup.

Using the service Crystal staff of law enforcement agencies and private security exprtype will be able to track the route of unreliable operations directly to the final destination or place of sale of cryptocurrencies. Crystal will allow you to find the relationship of possible fraud, to correlate them and see how involved certain addresses in illegal activity.bitfurugroup

Other tools will allow for independent monitoring of the bitcoin address, to organize the data and to generate your reports. With the help of them you can even find out the nature and purpose of operations.

"We are analyzing the entire Internet, including various forums and other sources. All data is collected, sistematizirovat and on their basis we can conclude about the trustworthiness of committed transactions," said Vavilov.


Version CrystalPro for corporate clients are intended to implement in the internal network of the company. With its help not only can monitor the activity of the blockchain, but also to provide additional reliability of operations with cryptocurrencies.

A demo version of Crystal is already out. And the price of corporate tariffs, the creators will announce in March.

By the way, earlier razrabotciki BitfuryGroup developed a different approach to the analysis of bitcoin transactions directed to their deanonimizatsiyu.

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