In Krasnoyarsk BitBaza build a mega-farm for mining cryptocurrency

In Krasnoyarsk BitBaza build a mega-farm for mining cryptocurrency

The powerful potential of Russia in such areas as mining cryptocurrency, confirms the discovery in Krasnoyarsk, one of the country's largest mining farms. It was created in the industrial Park "the brave", and will operate under the management of the company BitBaza. CEO Daniel Samolkin told representatives of the Federal mass media during the local economic forum.

Having access to cheap electricity, the developers believe that they are able to not only return the investment, but also to quickly make the project profitable. Krasnoyarsk region – one of the regions that produce electricity in excess. Engineers believe in energy security, and the designers believe that the costs will be minimal.

The creation of infrastructure from scratch would require about 3 billion. Work began a month ago, and in the next 20 – 30 days trial launch a few objects a total capacity of 10 MW. In the long term will appear a 120-megawatt farm with modern systems of heat dissipation. Produced thermal energy will be directed to heating homes in the surrounding areas.

This is not the first large-scale project of Russian specialists. Now the Russians from New Mining have teamed up with specialists from Nordavind to implement similar systems in Norway. In a short time in this Scandinavian country will be built data center, computing power which is used for the extraction of the crypts. The decision to operate abroad due to the decision on Declaration of mining equipment. Not all Russians are ready to pay high duties, preferring to engage in similar activities in States where there are tax benefits.

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