The older generation chooses altcoins. Youth for mining cryptocurrency and BTC-investments

The older generation chooses altcoins. Youth for mining cryptocurrency and BTC-investments

The conflict of generations is reached news of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Representatives of different age categories differ in the vision of the future of this new sector of the economy. Young citizens of the world prefer investing in bitcoin, hoping for a new peak, and their more Mature fellow investors are betting on altcoins.

This information was obtained in a survey of thousands of different people. They asked one question – where they would take 10 thousand dollars. One condition – you can only spend on investments. In this case, no need to pay taxes.

In the first place was the investment in real estate. In this the opinions of people came together, regardless of age groups. In second place was the digital assets. Approximately 5.1% of the respondents are willing to spend money on them.


What cryptocurrency to invest in the youth of today?

Millennials (those born after 1981) are more willing than others to believe in cryptocurrency savings. They called them in second place after apartments, houses and land. The youth is ready to transfer the funds in BTC, ETH and Litecoin, but centralized Ripple is not interesting to almost anyone of them.

In the survey, there was a feeling of cult of bitcoin. It seems to be believed by all. For example, among those who were born in the early 60s to 1981, he was elected the 60%, and among the previous generation (baby boomers) – about 55%. Live and Litecoin got 12% in generation Y. thus ETH more and more popular among the X-generation and those born in the 40s/60s.

And what about XRP not? The token is included into the three of leaders by market capitalization, enjoys the confidence of professionals, interested bankers. The youth explains the attitude that they are interested in mining cryptocurrency, is impossible in this network. They also put on the decentralization and anonymity of transactions.

Why older people believe more new coins than BTCinvestments? For understanding requires more extensive study, involving tens of thousands of people from different countries. In a survey conducted last fall, Bitcoin surpassed the popularity of government bonds. And in General, were more popular than the banking system that is trusted less.

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