The war against asic mining bitcoin. To be or not to be?

The war against asic mining bitcoin. To be or not to be?

The crypto community has been divided into two camps. Representatives first considered the norm , miningbitcoinand other coins using asic-miners, but their opponents believe that the emergence of powerful equipment with high performance negates all the effort of users who use the farm on the GPU. In the left side of the company, the blockchain projects which do not include the extraction of blocks.ASIC vs GPU

Who is right? Simple miner wants to earn more. If he invested in the Assembly on 6 high-end graphics cards, the competitor with the next Antminer for him to be the worst enemy. Debate starts turning into pressure on the team. The creators of zcash for openly accused of betraying the interests of the main part of the community, Monero holds hardwork, Ethereum on the way to change the algorithm. Tryptomer on the brink of civil war. Will win it, as usual, the representatives of capital.

Creator ZEC Zuko Wilcox does not believe a similar technique the threat to the network. Moreover, he believes that a complete refusal will only hurt the market. Analysts are also divided. Someone believes that it is foolish to encourage any kind of censorship, including the specific "hardware".

Interesting position Vitalik Buterin. While his colleague Vlad Zamfir conducted a survey about the need for the fork, protecting from the influence of Asimov, "boss" weighed the pros and cons, having taken out a verdict – the threat is exaggerated.

While some companies conduct hardforce, while others take expectant postie, Bitmain and their colleagues are actively bringing to market ever more powerful devices.s to displace a legacy configuration.

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