The new version of the fork Telegram to the crypto community.

The new version of the fork Telegram to the crypto community.

This week the new version for MAC and Windows a fork of the popular messenger Telegram called Bettergramdesigned specifically for the crypto community. It has implemented several important modifications, one of which allows you to track the value of cryptocurrencies in real-time.

Over the last year, Telegram has become the most popular platform for kriptonyte. In the messenger you can not only learn news digital economy, but also to obtain information about the conduct of the ICO, campaigns, Airdrop and Bounty. However, the program has limited customization possibilitiesalso from time to time is disable the service. In addition, the administration of the messenger is not enough quickly reacts on user requests for adding new features or changing existing ones.

Bettergram is essentially a fork of Telegram, created to remedy the shortcomings of the messenger and to add some important functions. In particular, Bettergram allows you to track the course of cryptocurrencies in real-time, added search filters on various categories and increased the number of fixed chat to 50. It is important to note that the messenger offers users a high level of security and privacy!

Bettergram is a project with open source, which recently passed an independent inspection. The program is a good alternative Telegram for those people who want to get more possibilities of customization of the interface and follow the course of the tokens directly in the messenger!

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