A news aggregator on cryptocurrency Cryptocontrol⭐app

A news aggregator on cryptocurrency Cryptocontrol⭐app

Want to be aware of all the important events in the blockchain industry? Check the condition of the market and the main trends? Then you should pay attention to the new aggregator of news about the cryptocurrency Cryptocontrol - an indispensable tool for every trader and investor.

On the platform Cryptocontrol presented in 4 main sections:

  • Tracking new articles by categories: Analysis, Blockchain, Exchanges, public events, Government, ICO and mining. You can select publications in 9 languages, including Russian and English.
  • Application programming interface (API).
  • Visualization of the news. With the help of this function, the news are divided by different colors depending on categories and novelty. For convenience, a brief description of each publication.

  • Message tracking in social networks. Cryptocontrol searches on the topic of cryptocurrencies on all popular social platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, Google Trends. Also added the ability to search for messages about a specific cryptocurrency.

For all user accessible software interface Crypto News API. It is possible to access a powerful search engine platform, which analyzes over 1,000 news sources daily and selects the appropriate meaning, using technology based on artificial intelligence.

To use Crypto News Historic Sentiment API and Crypto API to execute podpishave Gold, which costs $49.99 per month or $499.99 per year. As a payment platform accepts the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin cash.

Crypto News Historic API provides access to all published articles since 2013. Sentiment Crypto API created to distribute news on the emotional component (positive and negative), with this feature you can easily identify the trend direction for each cryptocurrency and earn good money.

In the messenger Telegram is running a bot Cryptocontrol, it is possible to customize to get news on specific topics directly in the messenger! All traders will appreciate the online schedule of dynamics of change of course of the leading cryptocurrency, in which the dotted line indicated the trend line.

Platform Cryptocontrol combines all the necessary functions for cryptocurrency investors. With it, you will always be aware of all the important news and will be able to follow the development of the situation on the market is literally in the air!

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