A bug in the Bitcoin blockchain allows to generate new coins BTC☝

A bug in the Bitcoin blockchain allows to generate new coins BTC☝

This week cryptologist was shocked by reports of a security vulnerability of the blockchain, which can be used to disable parts of the network Bitcoin. However, recently it became known that the Bitcoin Core developers found another bug that allows you to generate new coins BTC.

The staff of Bitcoin Core has reported the vulnerability in the report Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), however, detailed information about the vulnerability was kept secret until the moment of its elimination.

The report stated that an anonymous user sent a message about the detected bug in the Bitcoin blockchain the Bitcoin Core developers and Bitcoin ABC. Two hours later, the staff member Bitcoin Core Matt Corallo confirmed that with this error, it is possible to produce unlimited amounts of coins BTC. Realizing the seriousness of the threat, the programmers decided not to disclose details of the vulnerability and asked the miners to update the software to version 0.16.3.

Some members of the crypto community are afraid that a bug in the blockchain has managed to useto produce a few "extra" Bitcoin. However, the representative Bitcoin Core Peter will said: "the Nodes of the network perform a full check of every transaction in the Bitcoin network, so any suspicious activity would have been known".

In 2010 there was a so-called "incident with overflow", which appeared out of nowhere 187 coins BTC. They were immediately destroyed, so even in the case of the successful use of a bug, the developers would have destroyed the extra coin and eliminated so dangerous consequences.

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