Exchange Binance and NEO has invested in blockchain startup Cocos-BCX☺

Exchange Binance and NEO has invested in blockchain startup Cocos-BCX☺

Leading exchange Binance and developers of cryptocurrency NEO has invested in blockchain startup Cocos-BCX. In sum, the project was able to attract financing in the amount of $40 million from 500 different companies.

Cocos-BCX is developing a platform on which developers can create and run games on all the major blockchains. In March 2018 the startup has released a demo of their system and opened offices in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and San Francisco. Development project, the company Cocos-BCX entered into a partnership agreement with the developers of the decentralized games, including Loom, Ontology, Nebulas and Cell Evolution.

The decision of the management Binance commented the head of the Binance Labs Ella Zhang: "the games in the blockchain industry have very great potential. We hope that the project Cocos-BCX will increase the number of users of the cryptocurrency and open possibilities of blockchain technology".

Binance and NEO is not the first time showing interest in the blockchain games. In July of this year, representatives announced their plans to invest in a platform for eSports games chiliZ's, and a start NEO develops gaming ecosystem on the basis of its network and recently conducted the hakaphonededicated to the security of decentralized gaming applications.

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