Exchange Binance released app for traders☺

Exchange Binance released app for traders☺

Leading in trading volume of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has released a news app for traders Binance Info 2.0, which presents data on the blockchain projects and cryptocurrency products. The program will be indispensable for any investor.

Staff Binance analyzed more than 1400 of cryptocurrency , and presented their findings in the application Binance Info. In addition, the program takes into account the ranking of the projects from 50 leading agencies, including the world famous portal Binance will not charge a fee for the use of the platform, as the company's goal is to create an educational system which will benefit any user of the exchange.

Basic information threads for each project include:

  • Information about the documentation of the startup (white paper).
  • The scope of the digital asset.
  • The team of creators and developers.

Each cryptocurrency receives a rating from 1 to 5 stars depending on the results of the report. With the text of each opinion can be found and assess its correctness, so the rating system is completely transparent. It is important to note that reports are written only in English and Chinese.

Representatives Binance spoke about their plans: "We are working to integrate in-app interactive features will soon be added to video content".

In the opinion of management of the exchange, information is a key component in the blockchain industry, which is why efforts aimed at Binance the establishment of fair information platformthat will help investors make the right choice and avoid scams.

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