Bitpay will not support a hard fork of Bitcoin cash✍

Bitpay will not support a hard fork of Bitcoin cash✍

Cryptocurrency payment platform Bitpay will not support bitcoins cash ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin cash SV (BCHSV), which can be created by a hard fork of the blockchain the Bitcoin cash (BCH) 15 Nov. The company took the decision to side with the developers of the Bitcoin client ABC.

The official report Bitpay said about this: "Bitpay plans to work only with the client of Bitcoin ABC. We will closely monitor the state of the blockchain after the hard fork and will post a notice when we are confident in the stability of its network".

The developers of Bitcoin Cash created two different client - Bitcoin Bitcoin ABC and SV, they are incompatible with each other, so the hard fork will be a split blockchain and the creation of two cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash ABC cash SV. The exchange Poloniex trade these tokens began on 8 November, however, BitPay is not going to add support for hard Perkovich tokens in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Head nChain Craig Wright stated that there will be only one digital asset, Bitcoin Cash, the owners of BCH will not get 2 different koina instead of 1. Wright intends to win the war with the mining company Bitmain to avoid a split network. However, Bitmain is not sitting idly by: the company is actively negotiating with the owners of Chinese mining farms to install miners Antminer S9.

Staff Bitpay advised to refrain from execution of transactions during the implementation of the hard fork of the blockchain to prevent double spending (re-selling the same digital assets).

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