BitTorrent is giving out free cryptocurrency✌

BitTorrent is giving out free cryptocurrency✌

On February 11, BitTorrent the company will be giving away free cryptocurrency to the campaign Airdrop. During the year the firm plans to spend on the promotion of 10.8 billion tokens BitTorrent (BTT).

On 20 January the chief Executive officer of Tron and BitTorrent Foundation Justin San published the message: "on February 11 we will launch the first phase of the campaign Airdrop tokens BTT. Free coins will be given to the owners of cryptocurrency Tron (TRX)".

Upon reaching 6600000 block in the blockchain Tron the developers will fix the balance cryptocell owners of coins Tron and will contribute to the promotion of the BTT tokens in a ratio of 1 TRX : 0.11 BTT. The result is of about 10.8 billion tokens BitTorrent.

10 cryptocurrency exchanges has announced its participation in the campaign Airdrop:

  • Binance.
  • OKEx.
  • Huobi.
  • WazirX.
  • Koinex.
  • Coin Tiger.
  • FCOIN.
  • Bibox.
  • KuCoin.

Users of these trading platforms will receive a free BTT for 0,11 for every coin Tron on the balance sheet. Providers cryptocell has not yet announced his participation in Airdrop, so if you want to get tokens you need to transfer coins Tron at the expense of one of the above exchanges</strong>.

For 2019 BitTorrent plans to distribute additional 11.8 billion tokens BTT. Cryptocurrency will receive a reward coin holders Tron and active users of BitTorrent. Airdrop campaign will continue as long as all the tokens are not will go into circulation, roughly, it will happen in 2025.

28 Jan ICO starts from BitTorrent. The company will sell the tokens BTT only on the exchange Binance in section Launchpad. The creators of the project plan to attract funding in the amount of $7.2 million. Schedule campaign Airdrop and all the important news can be found on the website BitTorrent.

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