BitTorrent will release a cryptocurrency blockchain in Tron

BitTorrent will release a cryptocurrency blockchain in Tron

Company founder Protocol for file sharing BitTorrent will release their own cryptocurrency BitTorrent (BTT) in the blockchain Tron. Tokens can be purchased only on the basis of Binance Launchpad from crypto currency exchange Binance.

On the website BitTorrent Token published documentation of the project to create a new cryptocurrency. The list of highlights includes:

  • Clients, uTorrent and BitTorrent are added cryptocurrency wallets to store tokens BTT.
  • The interface of the crypto BTT will be simplified so that all users can understand its functions.
  • The Protocol BitTorrent is updated.
  • Third-party developers to create decentralized apps on the platform Bittorent in the blockchain Tron.
  • The amount will be released 990 billion tokens BTT standard TRC-10.
  • Coin holders Tron (TRX) will receive tokens BTT campaign Airdrop.
  • Will be added a function of "BitTorrent Speed", which allows to accelerate the download files.
  • Client users BitTorrent get the BTT token after authentication.

Users clients BitTorrent and uTorrent would be paid in tokens BTT for the distribution of files thanks to the BitTorrent Speed you can accelerate the download files, paying for it with coins BTT. Content creators will have access to a decentralized platform and will be eliminate files in the Internet.

Tokens BTT will only be available on the trading platform Binance Launchpad, created especially promising for blockchain projects. To get access to the platform Binance Launchpad you need to verify your account on the exchange, go to the website Binance Launchpad, select project BitTorrent and click on "Buy Now". Please note that tokens BTT will be available only for the cryptocurrency. The exact date of issue of the coin BitTorrent is still unknown, so we suggest to subscribe to the newsletter on the website BitTorrent Token.

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