Ebang has presented the most powerful Bitcoin miner in the world✌

Ebang has presented the most powerful Bitcoin miner in the world✌

At the world mining summit in Tbilisi Ebang, the Chinese company presented the most powerful Bitcoin miners in the world. According to representatives of the company, Hasrat of new products is from 30 to 55 TH/s.

Three new series Ebit Miner E-11 are working on an algorithm SHA-256, they use a 10 nanometer chips , with a coefficient of efficiency 44J/TH. The computational power of miner E11 is 30TH/s, E11+ 37TH/sand E11++ 44TH/s. Please note that the miner E11++ is superior to a new BM1391 ASIC miner from Bitmain, the company's ratio of energy consumption to 2J/TH. Thus, E11++ is currently the most powerful device for Bitcoin mining in the world!

Ebit Miner E11+ E11++ significantly ahead Hasrat miner Avalon 9 (30TH/s) from the company Canaan, Whatsminer M10 (33TH/s) and GMOs B3 (33TH/s). Ebang, the representatives stated that the miners will soon go on sale, however, they have not announced the exact release date of the production and cost of equipment.

The company Bitfury recently announced the release of 14 nm ASIC chips, so in future the market can expect to see even more powerful miners. It is obvious that the demand for the device will depend on their prices, however, the Bitcoin exchange rate continues to decline, and we remember that the cost of ASIC miners depends on the price of BTC, so Ebang will most likely not bend the cost of the miners and put a fair price on the world's best mining equipment.

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