Electroneum has released a smartphone for mining cryptocurrency✌

Electroneum has released a smartphone for mining cryptocurrency✌

British blockchain Electroneum company has released a smartphone Electroneum.M1 for cloud mining crypto currencies Electroneum (ETN). The device costs $80 and generates income of $3 per month.

Startup Electroneum have developed several mobile applications for the cloud mining of crypto-currencies. These programs are in great demand among owners of smartphones running Android and iOS, so the firm decided to create a special phone to mine their own tokens ETN.

Electroneum.M1 runs on Android OS version 8.1 Go, the smartphone is equipped with processor Quad Core 1.3 GHz, 2 cameras (front and rear) and a hard drive at 8Gb. The mobile phone supports 4G connection and 2 SIM cards. Camera not the most powerful, but given the low cost ($80), it will suit those people who are not willing to pay for smartphone a large amount of money. It is also worth noting that the cost of buying the device you can pay back in approximately 27 months. App for cloud hashing tokens Electroneuminstalled on M1, generates income to $3 per month.

Start to mine cryptocurrency , you need to install the latest version of the application Electroneum and activate the process of cloud mining tokens ETN. As a reward you will get virtual currency Electroneumthat can be sold on the stock exchange or to spend on goods or services. Representatives of the company Electroneum said that the smartphone was created specifically for residents of countries with developing economies. In some African countries the average monthly income does not exceed $50, so $3 is good money.

Electroneum.M1 can be bought on the official website Electroneum. Information about the beginning of sales in retail stores has not yet been reported. The smartphone has received quality certificates from companies GSMA and Google GMS, the apparatus applies the 1 year warranty.

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