In death is guilty of Ethereum exchange Bitmex✍

In death is guilty of Ethereum exchange Bitmex✍

Many members of the crypto community believe that the death of the Ethereum guilty cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex and its CEO Arthur Hayes. The company also is accused of trying to manipulate the exchange rate of cryptocurrency.

Arthur Hayes urged customers of the exchange to trade only Bitcoin and in any case not to buy Ethereum. In relation to ETH he spoke very sharply, calling him a "worthless coin". However, in early August, BitMEX has added the ability to convert Ethereum in dollars, this option is very popular with traders: the daily trading volume in a pair of ETH/USD is $3 billion.

It is also important to note the big spread between the positions the purchase and sale of Ethereum. It is because of this fact the exchange was accused of manipulating the exchange rate of cryptocurrency. By and large, the market is not regulated by legislation, officially it can't be registered citizens of USA, Iran, North Korea and several other countries. However, on the platform there is no process to identify users.

Nevertheless, in the course of Ethereum has been adversely affected by several factors. One of them is the blockchain startups, who conducted the ICO in the network ETH. Over the past week, these companies have sold coins for the sum more than $30 million. According to crypto experts, this trend will continue as projects have to cash out cryptocurrency due to lack of funds.

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