British football clubs are planning to release cryptocurrency✌

British football clubs are planning to release cryptocurrency✌

The British football Premier League clubs Newcastle United and Cardiff city are planning to release their own cryptocurrency , and to conduct an initial offer of coins (ICO) to attract investment. On a new project, the specialists of clubs will work in cooperation with blockchain startup SportyCo.

In the opinion of management of clubs, the issue of the cryptocurrency will bring profit to both teams and their fans, who will be able to trade digital assets for major cryptocurrency exchanges. ICO will be held on the platform SportyCo, which is already not the first year provides services on investment in the sports industry.

The first football team, which has released its crypto-currency, has become a Brazilian club Avai. Last week Avai launched the ICO, during which it is planned to attract financing in the amount of $20 million. The owners of the tokens can be spent on the purchase of club symbols and tickets to football matches.

Athletes also became interested in the industry of digital assets: footballer Ronaldinho has released avirtual currency called Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC), and the Barcelona players Carles Puyol and Andres Iniesta launched a blockchain project Olyseum. The American baseball team the Los Angeles Dodgers announced the start of sales of the Dodger token token standard ERC20, which represent cryptocurrency collectible signs.

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