Cryptocurrency BTC Bank United Bank⭐app

Cryptocurrency BTC Bank United Bank⭐app

Now on the market of cryptocurrency difficult situation. The course leading digital asset continues to fall, mining goes to zero (or even negative), investors count losses, some blockchain projects are on the verge of bankruptcy. It is time to look for alternative investment areas, and this will help us cryptocurrency Bank United BTC Bank (UBB), offer unique opportunities for business and private clients.

The story of the creation of the BTC United Bank.

BTC United Bank was established in 2016 year one of the largest Australian banks Future World Finance Bank of Australia (FWFBA). 3 July 2016 cryptocurrency, the Bank received a certificate of registration as a commercial enterprise in the Republic of Mauritius. July 16, 2016 United Bank BTC was granted a license for providing banking services.

In their work, UBB is guided by the requirements of the Banking Association of Mauritius and the legislative rules governing the processing and transfer of personal information of customers. The operating system of the Bank fully complies with international standards aimed at combating money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CFT).

BTC services United Bank for private and corporate clients:

  1. United multi-currency crypto Btc Wallet.

The company provides services for the storage of digital assets, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Dash, Ethereum, Decred, zcash for, Syscoin, Faircoin, Gamecredits, Gridcoin and Blackcoin. United Btc Wallet is a web wallet with a convenient interface and a high level of security.

  1. Cryptocurrency trading.

The purse United Btc Wallet function is available to instantly convert the virtual currency with low Commission (0,15% - 0,2%).

  1. Credit card:
  • UBB World Elite Crypto - credit card with bonuses and discounts payment for goods and services.
  • UBB Secured Crypto Card - a Bank card with high security.
  • Invest Crypto Card designed to buy Bitcoin and Litecoin, top up your card using the payment system Perfect Money, Qiwi and Okraw and Bank transfer.
  • UBB Crypto Saving savings card with cumulative bonuses.
  • UBB Business Card - corporate credit card with the function of binding several cards to one account.

  1. Investment portfolios:
  • Portfolio Commodity (investment in extractive industries).
  • The portfolio of "Global brands" (buying shares of large international companies).
  • Portfolio Currency (buying foreign currency).
  • Portfolio "Cryptocurrency" (investments in digital assets).
  1. Lending to legal entities.

BTC United Bank makes loans to businesses secured by commercial real estate. The minimum loan amount is 2 million eurosand a maturity of not more than 5 years.

  1. Trust.

UBB employees render services on management of financial assets , and provide recommendations for the optimal investment, both globally and in the Russian market.

  1. The organization IPO.

UBB provides a service for the organization of primary propositions.the issuance of shares (IPO) on leading exchanges. The company is also conducting marketing campaignsaimed at brand advertising.

Packages of services for business BTC from United Bank.

UBB offers a variety of service options to corporate clients. The company has developed 4 service packages:

The advantages of cryptocurrency investment from Bank UBB.

The Bank's specialists have formed a unique cryptocurrency investment portfoliothat will bring maximum profit. It consists of 4 groups of digital assets:

  • Popular (50% of total portfolio) - top 10 in terms of capitalization of cryptocurrencies.
  • Virtual currency with a unique concept (30% of total) - anonymous digital assets (Monero, zcash for), the cryptocurrency for gamers - GameCredits, NEM coins in the algorithm of a consensus of "proof of importance" (Proof-of-Importance).
  • The forks (no more than 20% of the total) - the digital assets created as a result of the hard fork cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin SV).
  • Token-ICO (not more than 10% of total) - coins that sell on blockchain startups at the stage of the ICO (initial coin offer).
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