The Bitcoin exchange rate for the first 6 months exceeded $4.500✌

The Bitcoin exchange rate for the first 6 months exceeded $4.500✌

On 2 April a course of cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) for the first 6 months exceeded $4.500. Within the hour the value of the coins rose 15%, on certain exchanges, BTC has risen to $5,000.

Several cryptocurrency analysts predicted the growth rate of the Bitcoin, however, no one expected such a sharp rise in price. According to the economist Thawne Weiss, the price of the digital asset can reach the $6,000 over the next few weeks.

Over the past day rose by all leading virtual currency. Ethereum (ETH) added to the price of 6.51%, XRP - 6,63%, EOS - of 8.45%. However, BTC has set a record growth rate among the top 20 assets the level of capitalization. The causes of an unprecedented increase in the rate of the Bitcoin is unknown.

Chapter cryptocurrency exchanges Binance Changpeng Zhao expressed surprise at the rise in price of BTC. On Twitter he posted the following message: "does Anyone know why the increased value of BTC? I have been asked several times why this happened, but I have absolutely no idea".

For the growth of the Bitcoin prices there are no objective reasons. In addition, at the end of March there have been three negative events:

  • Company Bitwise has released a report which stated that 95% of the trading volume of Bitcoin is fictitious.
  • The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA has postponed a decision on two applications to open a Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • On March 29, a crypto currency exchange Bithumb again was hacked.</li>

Apparently, the rise in price of Bitcoin represents a classical scheme of Pampa, organized cryptocurrency whales. Right now the market is bullish, so economists predict further rate rise BTC and other leading digital currencies. The main concern of traders is to what level will increase the value of Bitcoin. To give a precise answer is impossible, however, in our opinion, on 3 April, the uptrend will run out of steam, so tomorrow the rate will adjust on 2-5%.

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