The course of bitcoin BitTorrent for the week increased by 10 times☺

The course of bitcoin BitTorrent for the week increased by 10 times☺

Rate of the bitcoin and BitTorrent (BTT), released in the blockchain Tron, for the week increased by 10 times. Only in recent days the price of a token increased by 68,82% and continues to fly directly in the face.

18 Jan cryptocurrency exchange Binance reported that January 28 will be held the first stage of public sale of tokens BitTorrent platform Binance Launchpad. BTT 59.4 million tokens were sold in record time - less than 15 minutes. Cryptocurrency could be bought for a price of $0,00012 coins Tron (TRX) or Binance Coin (BNB).

30 Jan exchange Binance held a listing of the tokens BTT, January 31 trade BitTorrent started at the site Upbit, February 1 - on the exchange OKEx and 3 February - on the platform KuCoin. BitTorrent has risen in price from $0,00012 to $0,001194 in the period from 28 January to 5 February. The price of a token increased by almost 10 times since the first stage of the public sale.

The trend in the market, BitTorrent is not consistent with the General trend. Of the top 30 digital asset according to the capitalization level of the maximum growth rate for the last day recorded at the Holo - coin only went up by 8.08%. Editors Youtube channel CryptumTV suggested that the BTT course are manipulated.

Here we can draw an analogy with the cryptocurrency Tron, released a blockchain startup Tron Foundation, which owns BitTorrent. Tokens Tron currently ranks 8th in terms of capitalof the organization. Last month the price of TRX increased by 19.7% (from $0,022342 to $0,026759), compared with the figure for November 13, 2018 TRX risen from $0,0226 to $0,026759. The exchange rate Bitcoin (BTC), in contrast, fell by almost half, from $6.364 to $3.468.

According to the Chinese company Stand & Consensusin 2019 startup Tron gave several large investors a large amount of tokens TRX to implement Pampa course coins. Chinese experts believe that the rise in price of the TRX , there are no objective reasons why the value of the asset is artificially inflated. According to the staff of Stand & Consensus, company Tron Foundation may use a similar scheme with her second child - a BitTorrent cryptocurrency.

Project on the future of BitTorrent and its potential you can see from the video CryptumTV:

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