The Creator of Litecoin complained of intrigues of competitors☝

The Creator of Litecoin complained of intrigues of competitors☝

The Creator of the cryptocurrency Litecoin Charlie Lee complained on Twitter at the machinations of rivals, which allegedly caused the depreciation of the LTC in the past two months. According to him, opponents deliberately sow panic in the ranks of the owners of the coins Litecoin.

Lee posted on Twitter the following message: "a Group of people who see Litecoin competitor, the joint efforts of trying to put pressure on the exchange rate of cryptocurrency. I will dispel investors ' concerns and prove the value of Litecoin".

Lee argues that the blockchain Litecoin has a high level of security, as the virtual currency is very popular among the crypto community: the coin shows on all the major cryptocurrency exchanges, with daily transaction volume in LTC is $200 million.

According to Lee, the development of Litecoin payment Protocol contributes to the Lightning Network, which allows you to exchange coin LTC to other digital assets directly. Charlie stated that Litecoin will always be the cheapest and fastest cryptocurrencypresented in Lightning Network.

Despite the bold statements in support of their offspring, in 2017 , Charlie sold all his LTC coins and said that more will never buy Litecoin. In July of this year, he confirmed the advantages of Bitcoin compared to Litecoin and advised investors in the first place to buy BTC. People have a reasonable question arises: if Litecoin as good as Lee says, why he doesn't buy coins and advertises his chief opponent BTC</strong>? Maybe Charlie is the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, who still can not find.

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