Blockchain startup NEO launched with Bounty reward to $10,000✌

Blockchain startup NEO launched with Bounty reward to $10,000✌

20 September blockchain cryptocurrency startup of the NEO launched a Bounty program for finding bugs. For each vulnerability found, the company will pay up to $10,000. The program is aimed at improving the security of the blockchain, and it can take all comers!

In an official announcement stated: "We take reports about discovered bugs which may cause unstable operation or hacking of the website of the project NEO and infrastructure of the blockchain".

The size of the reward depends on the risk level of the discovered vulnerabilities, which is calculated based on the method of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), assessing the seriousness of the threat according to the following scale: critical, high, medium and low. The discovery of a critical vulnerability for a reward of$10,000, and for the low - $500. It is important to note that the money will be paid in tokens NEO.

From September 13, NEO holds a competition for creative design with a prize Fund of$30,000. Participants were asked to develop a new logo for the cryptocurrency and website design project. The results of both programs will be used in the platform update to version NEO 3.0, which is intended to improve the technology of the blockchain and increase network scalability. The project is managed by the founder of the NEO Eric Zhang.

At the moment the bitcoin NEO is ranked 14th in terms of capitalization, which is $1.2 billion. In recent days the exchange rate of the coins has decreased by 2.55 per cent to of $18.75, while the historical maximum of the asset value ($162) was recorded on 30 January 2018.

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