The trading volume of Bitcoin has reached a historic high⭐app

The trading volume of Bitcoin has reached a historic high⭐app

According to the company Crypto Quantamental, December 20 the daily trading volume of Bitcoin has reached a historic high - 2.266.735 coins BTC ($8.9 billion). To bury the cryptocurrency 's early, and this is confirmed in practice.

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The study authors compared the trading volume of Bitcoin in different periods, when 1 coin was worth from $3,000 to $4.500:

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We can refute the conclusion that growth in trading volume caused only by the falling rate of BTC. Of course, lowering the price of the asset has attracted the attention of the traders and they started to buy the coin at low cost, a contribution also made whales cryptocurrency market, which was in the mercy of the coin after the dump of Bitcoin's rate. However, interest in trading cryptocurrency is definitely increased compared to previous periods, increased the number of customers of the exchanges and increased the volume of trading in Vietnam equivalent.

Trading volume of BTC in November and December of this year, significantly higher than the 2017:

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According to Quantamental Crypto, Bitcoin has not yet climbed out of the pit. A change of trend is possible only if the price of BTC will exceed $6.000.

The appreciation of the exchange rate of BTC in the period from 17 to 20 December at 22% did not go beyond the General bearish trend and is a "dead cat bounce" (dead cat bounce):

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Nevertheless, growth in trading volume gives a chance for the emergence of a rising trend, so we suggest to carefully monitor the dynamics of changes in the value of Bitcoin in the near future, as there is a high probability of strong fluctuations (up to 20% per day).

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