Profit from Bitcoin mining sets new record

Profit from Bitcoin mining sets new record

Profit from mining of cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) puts a new record. In connection with the depreciation of a digital asset many miners stop working, so , Hasrat blockchain BTC dropped from 1 Mar to 15%.

According to the research company Diar, the income from mining Bitcoin in February of 2019 reached the lowest level in 18 months. In January 2019 , the miners earned $210 millionin February - $195 million. The maximum rate of profits was registered in December 2017 - $951 million.

The computational power of the blockchain BTC has been steadily increasing over the last two years, however, with a November 2018, Hasrat began to fall: November 1, power was 54 million TH/s, up to 12 December, the figure fell to 33 million TH/s (39%). Then, Hasrat increased to 48 million TH/s, but from March 1 began a second decline in computing power. Now it has dropped to 41 million TH/s (15%).

On March 4 the price of BTC fell to $3.671, then an adjustment rate higher than $3.700. In recent days Bitcoin has risen by 1.04% and is now approaching the key resistance barrier at $3.800. The market is weak bullish trend, however, the buyers manage to break the resistance zone, so the value of the coin to exceed $3.800 in the near future. However, such a slight increase in the rate of BTC will not have a significant impact on profit from mining cryptocurrenciesng>. Experts expect a further drop Hasrat blockchain.

In the report, Diar stated that gross profit from mining Bitcoin ASIC miners Antminer S9 increased from 32% in January to 39 percent in February. This is due to the reduced complexity of mining, which occurred in connection with the fall Hasrat network BTC. Miners fans out of the market, so the initiative to seize large enterprises who receive a high income through the use of innovative technologies. Modern miners Antminer S15 show excellent results, the share of income of mining companies will continue to grow.

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