Best programs for mining Bitcoin in 2018⭐app

Best programs for mining Bitcoin in 2018⭐app

Specially for owners of cryptocurrencies and supporters of the blockchain technology , we have prepared a list of the five best programs for mining Bitcoin in 2018. They will help to optimize the performance of equipment and to increase the profit from production of digital assets.

  1. CGMiner.

According to many miners, CGMiner is the best software for Bitcoin mining. CGMiner runs on operating systems Mac, Windows and Linux and is compatible with three types of hardware: graphics cards, FPGA and ASIC. The program features a few unique options: advanced detection system with the new units, the ability to remotely select and control Hasrat.

  1. BFGMiner.

BFGMiner runs on Mac, Windows and Linux, the program is compatible with FPGA and ASIC. One of the main advantages BFGMiner is its ability to simultaneously produce multiple cryptocurrencies with different mining algorithms (Scrypt and SHA256d).

  1. EasyMiner.

EasyMiner is a upgrade for software CGMiner and BFGMiner. The update makes changes to the user interface and allows to integrate cryptocurrency wallet. Moreover, using EasyMiner to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero, but only on devices ASIC. The program has 2 modes: “Moneymaker” for Litecoin mining and Solo, which allows you to choose a mining pool and the desired cryptocurrency.rong>

  1. BitMinter.

The program BitMinter runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and is compatible with graphics cards, FPGA and ASIC. To mine Bitcoin with this program, you first need to register on the mining pool BitMinter. Pool BitMinter is quite popular at the moment, it was 450 thousand users.

  1. MultiMiner.

MultiMiner is considered the simplest program for mining Bitcoin. MultiMiner runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, the main difference of the program from its competitors is that it allows you to switch from one mining device to another and produce different digital assets. MultiMiner automatically scans and identifies the hardware features, you can also choose the option of mining the most profitable virtual currency or digital asset with the least complexity of mining.

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