The Ripple is accused of fraud with cryptocurrency XRP

The Ripple is accused of fraud with cryptocurrency XRP

Research firm blames Messari startup Ripple in a fraudulent cryptocurrency XRP. According to employees of the Messari, capitalization token XRP overstated by $6.1 billion.

According to the report Messari circulating the proposal and the level of capitalization of the coins XRP is overvalued by 46%. According to CoinMarketCap, the level of capitalization XRP is about $13 billion, although in reality this figure is much less - about $6.9 billion.

The researchers found that business partners and Ripple founders own tokens of 25.7 billion, not 6.5 billion, as officials say Ripple. Coins, under the control of the business are not marketable supply of coins, so they cannot be circulating in the proposal.

Guide Messari commented on the results: "We tried several times to contact representatives of the Ripple, but have not received a response to your questions. We acknowledge that our report may be small inaccuracies, but overall it reflects the real situation. We are waiting for comments from the staff of the Ripple and will post new information if it will do."

Report Messari caused a wave of discontent among community members XRP. The address of the founder of the research company Ryan Selkis and his family had been threatened. Ripple staff questioned the results of the report, they stated that the conclusions of the experts Messari based on incorrect data and therefore does not reflect the actual performance of a circulating token offers XRP. Representatives of the blockchain startups forshowed that the level of capitalization should be considered according to the formula: price of the coin multiplied by the number of tokens, regardless of who owns them.

In the words of the employees of the Ripple is common sense, as their formula accurately reflects the level of capitalization of cryptocurrencies. If we consider capitalization, as we offer the researchers of the Messari, the vast majority of digital assets will lose a few billion, which is stored in the wallets of the cryptocurrency whales.

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