Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) went over the top in terms of growth✌

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) went over the top in terms of growth✌

In recent days, the cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) went over the top in terms of growth rate, significantly outpacing Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin cash. The coin has risen in price by 6,5%, if bullish trend continues, the TRX will rise to 10 place ranking in terms of market capitalization, surpassing Monero.

On 11 October there was a sharp depreciation of all the leading digital asset, the cryptocurrency market has lost per day, about $18 billion! On Friday, the price of the coins was slightly corrected: Ethereum has risen on 2,73%, EOS 0.76%, however, aware of many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is in the red range.

The General background stands out Tron - the price of a token rose to 6.5% - the highest rate among 37 top cryptocurrencies. Positive development was due to the successful launch of software Tron virtual machine (TVM), which took place on October 12. The TVM system was developed to execute smart contracts in the blockchain Tron, according to the project's Creator, Justin, Sana, the virtual machine Tron will revolutionize kriptonyte. He said that smart contracts Tron will run 200 times faster than in Ethereum and 100 times cheaper than the blockchain EOS.

On Friday, Justin San published in a Twitter message: "We finally signed a partnership agreement with the company, which is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. Guess what!"

Subscribers Sana reacted to the publication and suggested the name of the firm partner- Alibaba. However, the commercial giant was quickly removed andz the number of possible applicants, as, in the opinion of the users, if Justin was referring to Alibaba, he'd said "hundreds of billions of dollars". Now investors are preparing to buy tokens TRX in the hope of a cloudless future of digital asset. But to make an accurate prediction before the effectiveness of the VTM is still not confirmed in practice, and information about the new partner of a startup and the terms of the agreement is completely absent.

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