Western Union ready to work with cryptocurrencies

Western Union ready to work with cryptocurrencies

The largest international payment system Western Union is ready to work with cryptocurrencies. This was announced by the President of the company, Odilon Almeida.

Almeida said: "Western Union is already ready to integrate any currency. Our company already works with 130 currencies. From a technological point of view, a digital asset is a currency, so the difficulties with their integration will not occur. I think that in the future, cryptocurrency will be the popular international means of payment, when this happens, we will begin to work with them".

However, to run the cryptocurrency Western Union money transfer will have to use blockchain technology. At the moment the company is not interested to decentralized databases, however, according to experts of the payment system, the firm will not only handle transactions, but also offer favorable conditions to customers: low Commission and fast processing time of the operation.

About the future of blockchain said the technical Director of cryptomeria Block.one Daniel Larimer: "the blockchain Technology will be widely spread around the world only after she starts to make people's lives easier and safer."

Innovative technology can be useful in many areas of business. Its high potential has been appreciated as commercial enterprises and state institutions. As an example we can cite the position of the Chinese authorities, who are encouraged to use the blockchain on an industrial scale. The fate of virtual currencies is directly connected with the popularity of technology distributed databases. If blockchain and digital assets firmly part of our daily life, then very soon we will be able to send itcoin mining" href="news/watch-slozhnost-majninga-bitcoin-snizitsya">Bitcoin to Western Union office.

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