Registration and video review, cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex

In this review, we prepared a detailed educational program on cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.

On the internal interface of the platform, the user is presented with a tabular list of statistics cryptocurrency trading pairs. Clicking on any of the pairs, the user is redirected directly to the very page graphics trading reproval, order book and price statistics for 24 hours.

In the header of the exchange are the sections "Markets" (Markets), Orders (Orders), Purses (Wallets) and "Settings" (Settings).

The Market tab is the Main page of Bittrex.

In the section "Orders" will display the assets that were queued for the purchase/sale. Also there is the history trades of the user.

Category of "Purses" responsible for Deposit/withdrawal of cryptocurrency funds. The function of a Bank Deposit to Bittrex is missing.

If the user only checked in the "Settings"section, they will be prompted to authenticate, thus expanding the limits on trading.

Also in the top corner of the cap there is a button variator to the theme of the exchange (available day and night version of the customization of the exchange).

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