Review and check cryptocurrency exchanges Livecoin

Cryptocurrency exchange Livecoin enjoys considerable success among traders CIS. The reason is clear – the presence of Russian localization on the website. Generally supports nine languages, which significantly increases the audience of the site. At the same time, the developers – not the Russians and the British from the Delta E-Commerce.

The registration procedure

Register here just. Clicking on the appropriate button, you will see a simple web form in which there are five rows to fill in.

livecoin регистрация

It would seem simple enough to me, but there is one detail – the complexity of the password. It must consist of twelve characters, including lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers. Pointing mail, it is better to use services from Google, or equivalent from Microsoft. With the other sometimes difficulty getting a letter to confirm.

After that you will be redirected to your user account. The system will need to come up with another password for payment transactions, it is the same PIN. To perform any operation, you will need to enter it. It is recommended to keep it in a safe place, as the restoration will cost 0.01 BTC.

If you are working with Fiat will need to verify the account. For other procedures is not required. Moreover, verified users can easily regain access if you lose your password. You will need two photos, where you hold a piece of paper. It is necessary to write the date, month, year (actual) and the name of the exchange. There is also a similar option with your passport and other documents.

Website design

The design can be attributed to the merits ratings/rating-birzh/">crypto-exchange. It is simple and intuitive. The main screen shows the graphics of crypto-currencies online, from the top there are tabs with all the basic functions.livecoin обзор биржи

For example, in the section "For business" is a point ICO. You can teensaventeen project, not creating for this task a separate website without worrying about hosting and other details. It has all the necessary tools, and along with ready audience, interested in investing in crypto startups. The service will cost you 3 bitcoin. There is also a paid service listing tokens users.

How to trade on the exchange Livecoin

The trader with the experience is unlikely to ask such a question. As for newcomers, they will not face problems. On the left of the screen you see a list of pairs. Choose need, get a graph where you can set the candles M15-D1 to evaluate General patterns and trends.

Under the main window contains orders.livecoin отзывы биржи

They, respectively, are limit and market, with the ability to quickly switch. The first option allows you to buy PPC cheaper than the market price, and the second – at the exchange rate at the time of entry.

Professionals rarely use this crypto-pad for the major coins. But it is the perfect to trade novietotas, such as NEOили OmiseGo.

The Deposit and Commission

Speaking about the reasons of popularity, it is impossible not to mention small fees on the transactions. You pay only 0.18% of the amount.In addition, it can be replenished with rubles, euros and dollars. On Wapcam this opportunity will not give.

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