Video review of the international cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex

International cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex originally designed for the North American market, in particular, to the needs of the traders of the United States. Now it has gained popularity at the global level, has the largest trading volume in Aldona paired with BTC. Opened the site in 2014, based in San Francisco. It leads Tristand agosta, but the names of other organizers do not apply.


The procedure is simple. On the main page of the site Poloniex.commiserate "create an account" in the upper right corner. Will appear online registration form indicating name and surname, country of residence, optional phone. Also need a reliable multi-character password, email. Confirm that you are not a robot and read the license agreement. On mail, automated mailing for verification mailbox.обзор poloniex

Personal profile and capabilities

The interface is clear. By signing up, you will get access to basic functionality. This exchange of crypts (Excange), trading with leverage (Margin) and crypto-loans (Lending) with a system of protection care less.

Updated with only the crypt, a list of which you will see in the relevant section. The output has the same limitations.

If the limit of $ 2000 seems tough, have to pass the next verification stage, expanding it to 25,000. You will require exact passport data and scans documents.

Trading. Trading pair

On the website there are four main market tied to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Tether (USDT). The latter is considered as a digitalmodel analogue of the dollar and the main venue for trading the coin. This is the most highly liquid market in the world donohoekian.

Trade is divided into three blocks:

  • Purchase;
  • Selling;
  • Stop orders.

криптовалютная биржа poloniex отзывы

Available margin trading with leverage of 2.5 x, but not for all pairs.обзор криптовалютной биржи poloniex

The advantages of the exchange

Among the many competitors "Polonies" stands by the safety of the users. Use not only the usual two-factor authentication, but also three stages of verification of accounts, each of which is voluntary and allows us to expand the limits. The first level is the withdrawal of $2000, the second 25,000 and the third – a large amount.

Another plus a small Commission:

  • Teyker – up to 0.25%;
  • Maker – to 0.15%.

Increasing the monthly number of transactions, you reduce Commission costs on each. For example, if you trade $ 600 bitcoins, we will pay the above rates. A traders amounts from 1200 Dplatt of 0.12% on the sale and 0.22% at purchase. Accordingly, increasing the volume to more serious values, you will save more.

There are loans in the crypt with a single Commission rate on profit of 15%. I think it automatically based on the amount earned at the auction during the month.


The influx of visitors sometimes lead to slow functioning of the site. He also often suffers from DDoS-attacks by hackers. Another – here do not accept Fiat. There is no Russian localization. But nothing complicated in the English version you will find. A standard set of terms.

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