Overview of the exchange Binance

Binance is among the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. If you want to start trading it BTC or Althingi, enough to pass the simple and fast the authorization procedure. Clicking on the appropriate button, you will see an online form. In it three items:

  • E-mail;
  • Password;
  • Referral link if you came across someone's recommendation.

Then you will be prompted to accept risk. After that becomes available following a useful option. This two-factor authentication. It is useful to include so that others are unable to use your exchange account, while in possession of the password or simply breaking it by brute force.

As protection you can use Google or your mobile phone number. Most users traditionally choose the second option. But here there is a big difference.

User experience

Then you get in to your personal account. Here, you'll be asked to confirm identity. For Binance is a "fad", since the court tries to work as transparently as possible so as not to clash with state regulators. Which gives the verification to you personally? After the withdrawal limit is increased from 2 to 100 bitcoins.

For large traders a few chips is too restrictive. Now you can join the exchange wallet. To do this, select "Deposit" and the amount. Specify which wallet (bitcoin, ethereum , or other crypts) being added. Copy the purse number, transfer funds.

How to trade?

In the main menu define the type of terminal – basic or advanced. Second approach professionalism that are easy to understand all the features of the interface for experienced crypto traders.

Here you have new functions – creating of requests (orders) for the purchase or sale of various coins. Once you have completed the procedure, you need to withdraw money. Fiat currency is not displayed. Just bought the crypt to the corresponding blockchain wallet. Click "Output". In the English version of Withdraw. Specify where to transfer (again copy the address). An important detail – not all Russified menu.

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