Bitmain soon will control more than 51% of the total Hasrat network of bitcoin. How did this happen?

Bitmain soon will control more than 51% of the total Hasrat network of bitcoin. How did this happen?

The world's largest manufacturer of ASIC chips and mining equipment can gain control over the bitcoin 51%.

In addition, it is worth noting that Bitmain owns multiple pools and cloud mining sites.

Over the past week, the pools ( and Antpool) could reach 25.5% and 16.5% of the bitcoin blocks, respectively. In sum, it turns out that at the time of writing, Bitmain owns 42% of all Hasrat bitcoin network.

Now a crypto-society is holding their breath in anticipation of further steps on the part of Bitmain. Despite the fact that achievement of 51% to a major manufacturer of mining equipment necessary to "increase" of 9%, Bitmain can quite easily redirect all of its resources are now focused on the mining Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to achieve the level of 51%.

Just a year ago, when bitcoin was just beginning to gain critical mass, many vehemently argued that the so-called "attack 51%" on the bitcoin network is practically impossible. Now it's all confusion.

The result — over the bitcoin network faced a serious threat of decentralization, and all the ideas about a brilliant decentralized future may come to naught in just one moment.

However, there are still those who are trying to calm the hype around Bitman and "attack 51%" since the centralization supposedly is not favorable for the Bitmain in the long run.

Anyway, this is not the first case in the history of bitcoin, when one company ends up controlling 51% Hasrat. For example, in 2014, mining company Ghash has already reached the level of 51%.

The only difference.discharges that Ghash was not a legally registered company, but rather a community of crypto miners, at that time, as Bitmain — legally existing player in the crypto industry.


And yet now quite difficult to convince owners of cryptocurrency/miners who believes that if Bitmain is not "breaking anything", so it will make those who are able to gain control over the company — the hackers.

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