The war for privacy: Monero Bitcoin VS Private

The war for privacy: Monero Bitcoin VS Private

When choosing asset for investment in blockchain-the community is taken into account not only the course of bitcoin or its market capitalization, but also the security of transactions and anonymity. For a long time, many users believed that Bitcoin ensures complete confidentiality. But this is not so. The source and destination of a transaction can be tracked. Moreover, the statement Snowden about the surveillance forces us to reassess investment priorities in the direction of the crypts, more protected from "big brother".

The market offers several products that fit the description:

The first was 500 times more expensive after tocancel, the second is trading on Binance, the third came in the top 30 and can add in value, thanks to an interesting project, the fourth on line 12 Coinmarketcap at the rate of $464, while the fifth is a "veteran" of this mini-list will cost $277,7.

But all these anonymous coins there are two major competitor.

First established in 2014 Monero. This crypto-powerful startup community, good market position, the cost is 227 dollars, and great prospects in the foreseeable future. For many colleagues it is a standard.monero Обзор

The second promising rookie BitcoinPrivate. This is the first ever secure BTC fork. It was created on the basis of two networks. In addition to the bitcoin blockchain, it ZClassic. The same name and direct relation to the first cryptocurrency in the world attracts potential investors. They believe the asset is more reliable than most other products.

Who will win?

XMR is aimed at several categories of consumers, including miners.Created ecosystem is well established, the users are active, and no problems in the network. Soon it is planned to hardwork, in which 14 may 2018 will appear MoneroV. This will solve most of the problems with scaling. However, the XMR-token is difficult to call the mass, in contrast to the competitor.биткоин приват обзор

How "beginner" managed to gain an advantage? To do this, it just gave the token-holder, and Nieuweschans bitcoin wallets in the ratio of one to one. Total – a huge number of coins was in the hands of the people. So, one simple solution is failed to get the desired trading volumes, fame and prospects for growth.

Technological differences

From Monero everything was fine until the beginning of forcing. Now security system with ring signatures is not as reliable as a few years ago. Branching limits the anonymity of transactions, so you can monitor them with the matching public key. According to the results obtained obvious vulnerability, on removing which team will have a long time to work.

At BTCP another system – zk-SNARKS. In this scheme, the blockchain is encrypted completely, and not added separately keys. To know the identity of the sender, the recipient and the metadata is impossible.

Properly build a advertising campaign, the developers of the new blockchain will be able to bypass the main competitor. But before that you should build effectivelye and active community.

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