Earnings on bitcoin: the risks and prospects of cryptocurrency investors

Earnings on bitcoin: the risks and prospects of cryptocurrency investors

The excitement and even hysteria that raged around the UPS and downs in the cryptocurrency market over the last couple of weeks a little poliglas. Soaring around $ 20,000 for the token, and then collapsed on some exchanges to 6,000, bitcoin is more or less smoothly hovering around the 8000 mark, showing not extreme volatility. About the same exactly act and other key cryptocurrency.

On the background of dormant passions, many participants in cryptomeria suggest or even beliefs that "Golden cryptolibrary" was held. And with it gone and the unprecedented earnings on cryptocurrency investment, especially mining. Whether so it actually? Let's deal objectively and impartially.

Invest in cryptocurrency. Not scary?

Volatility in exchange rates cripto has one feature – it is very dependent not only on objective market and even speculative factors, but also from the banal rumors. Of course, to some extent, from the "rumors" and plans of governments depend on the courses of classical Fiat money, but crypts react much stronger. UPS and downs here are obviously "over the edge".

Remember – even attempts in recent years by sanctions from America e EU to introduce chaos into the Russian market, and collapse of the national currency led to only about double the fall of the ruble. Of course, it's a lot. But let's look at the history of bitcoin on the example of trading the USD-BTC on Bitfinex. On 14 November last year token was trading at below $ 6600. And just a month later, the course has sought to "space" - that is, to "twenty" for one bitcoin. And then PRAchicosci as rapidly returned to the level below $ 10,000 per coin.курс биткоина обзор прогнозы

Such jumps lead to the fact that the main tactic for the cryptocurrency market is based on the worst possible scenarios. Sometimes, however, NOT follow such trends is not only useful, but also very profitable. Although the risk remains always.

First, we should not forget that even when you reverse the fall at the end of last year, the annualized growth rate of bitcoin and the total capitalization of the stock market not only beat all historical records, but even the most optimistic expectations. In the black was even those who have invested in a brand new and lesser-known startups. Now the updates you want to do, as they say, and the beetle, and the toad – one Olga Buzova with her Buscaino is worth something!

Of course, the market decline was expected and even somewhat predictable – after all, no single asset on the planet can't grow half weekly. No gold, no oil, no water. And not a cryptocurrency. However, the adjustment caused the decadent and sometimes panic reaction – especially by inexperienced investors who bought at the height and sold are low, often even negative.

It may seem that there is now a new time has come for the purchase of so much sagging cryptocurrency. However, let's not forget that even such a "small" bitcoin is still the most expensive currency on the planet, ahead of its Fiat pursuers in the thousands (!!!) time. Who said that bitcoin and other crypt's nowhere to fall? Complicated situation, you see. So how can that be – investing in the crypt or not?

First of all, it is necessary to divide risks into internal and external.

Internal and external risks in the stock market

Internal risk momust include:

  • Attack on a large storage, and exchange of cripto from digital pirates.
  • Banal fraud, always germinating in new markets – in fact any "new money" in the real evoke a lot of craftsmen who move zeros to any African banknotes and give them for euros, etc. Believe me, artists of fraud in kryptomere too much, and their number will grow.
  • The growth of domestic competition between the tokens.

External factors can be classified as:

  • A ban on the development of cryptoprocta and industry in General at the highest level down to the state and interstate;
  • Instability of the exchange rates with Fiat currency;
  • The resistance of the "classic" players in the financial sector on the spread of a decentralized currency in the world economy, which is ruled by the Central banks.

Every one of these factors has a "counterargument" that may suddenly "shoot" and lead to growth rates that is cryptocurrency assets.рынок криптовалют биржи

Potential factors for the market growth of decentralized money

Growth rates can contribute to (and do) the following:

  • Improvement of the system, simplify cryptocurrency-level interfaces, and other elements of the ecosystem;
  • Breakthrough protection technology that will enhance the safety of cryptochiton;
  • The growing role of cryptocurrencies in daily life and increase options for its use – the more ordinary consumers will become the market to use cryptocurrency and the more participants of commodity-money relations will take payment the crypt, the more stable and promising will be its future.

The majority of experts see that the possible prospects of the stock market look much better and more logical than the possible risk factors. Because scammers are everywhere. The financial lobby and the many obstacles there are on the market with Fiat currency – we do not know whether it. Competition between currencies – in General, ordinary and usual phenomenon. So all the risks can significantly change the position of the new cryptocurrency okay if we all converge at one point and will wear, so sorry, a planetary character. How, for instance, the world ban on developing nuclear weapons.

But the fact that the cryptocurrency market will develop, the tools will become more effective and more affordable, and popular – everything bigger, that's beyond doubt. After all, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is still far from perfect, because it stands at the beginning of its evolution. But the fact that it will be evolution, not degradation, no doubt.

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