Four questions for crypto investor

Four questions for crypto investor

People think which cryptocurrency to invest, determining the profitability, timeliness. Questions from beginners are many, but experts say the main four questions for crypto-investor:

  • How secure is the investment?
  • Where the project takes income?
  • If there are significant costs when investing?
  • How well you understand the theme?

криптовалютные инвестиции

Let's start in order. In the world of cryptocurrency investment is not risk-free operations. You can't predict the success or failure of coin in the future. This applies not only to the BTC and altcoins. Even the national fiancee currencies depreciate, suffer from high levels of inflation, local and global crises. Along the way, learn from what country the crypto project. If there is a negative attitude of regulators, it is likely to lose money.

Second, we have experienced the era of MM, and it is foolish to believe the blockchain is the project that promises to make money out of thin air. If it is not is promising and useful for the community product, to appreciate their token will not.

It makes sense to buy promising coins until they are worth pennies. If they take up to 10% of your investment portfolio, much of a threat there. Shot – guaranteed a nice bonus. No – sell until fell heavily.

The third point of the Commission when buying and selling, taxes, negative factors. The fourth relates to the understanding of the topic. If the word "blockchain" for you is akin to the term from the history of ancient China, it makes no sense to risk it. You need to be able to evaluate the profitability and return on investment.

Tobeating success easier, after training, reading materials, reading the success stories of other people.

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