Conspiracy theories around the hash and the bitcoin

Conspiracy theories around the hash and the bitcoin

Being a user of Twitter, and Reddit'or the bitcoin community, you have probably encountered the following code:


Either way, you certainly will think what he might mean?

This type of code — the hash code block. It was generated randomly, locking each new block that was namayan using a special algorithm.

But why this code has interested many?

There are many theories that explain this phenomenon and the most popular have the right to exist.

A journey through time. There is a perception that some parts of the code have the function of prediction and that someone will use bitcoin for something important in the future.

The existence of a quantum computer. It is believed that to generate such a hash code would require the resources of incredible magnitude. In addition, the only way not to simply spend time selecting the desired hash code is to use different mining algorithms at once using a quantum computer. Anyway, so far there is no official evidence of the existence of a quantum computer. Then who did it?

Satoshi. Another theory is that Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious Creator of bitcoin is not man and machine, and that the code was generated once again by her.

Bitcoin hacked. It also assumes that someone decided to become Satoshi and take control of the entire network of bitcoin. Hackers got into the bitcoin system, with the result that was generated this signal code.

Randomly. Perhaps the most deserving to exist the theory is that this code is generated purely SluChino.

So where is the truth?

Most of the supporters of theories on Twitter Reddit'e and e agree that this code is generated in blocks purely at random.

This will affect the value of bitcoin?

It is assumed that all the hype around the hash code will not appear on the bitcoin price. Perhaps such theories are born due to the fact that people have lost interest in the explanation as to why bitcoin is falling in price and are looking for new ways to artificially push bitcoin to "cryptoservice".

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