Debriefing: why cryptocurrency industry need a decentralized search engine

Debriefing: why cryptocurrency industry need a decentralized search engine

What is a decentralized search engine?

Over the past two years, the society literally soaking in decentralization, bitcoin and bloccano. Governments hold joint meetings on the issue of regulation of the cryptocurrency industry, and in Switzerland as mushrooms appear, a new crypto-startups.

To connect a range of different functional products, the tools, to search the decentralized network.

Why in the cryptocurrency world has so many unconnected projects?

Because each platform tries to be independent, resulting in a decentralized conglomeration of independent startups. Blockchain though, and provides more anonymity when it comes to Internet search, however, for the average user it is inaccessible.

So why invent one more Bicycle? Why Google cannot become a search for the blockchain?

The fact that Google, bingo and other search engines — centralized Corporation that holds terabytes of data about search queries, browsing history, activity etc. This kind of tool, though comfortable, but it can be (if not already) thoroughly imbued with the regulation from the authorities.

As you know, decentralization and power — are incompatible for ideological reasons

So, a decentralized search engine will not store me any information?

Not really. To keep the analytical meta data, the search engine will still be, however all requests will be stored on the servers of a Corporation, and the network blockchain.

.ll, a decentralized search engine is still something to keep?

Definitely. However, your data will be encrypted using the secret key will remain secure and anonymous, unless you choose otherwise.

In addition, you will be able to capitalize on their information (in truth, now a similar tactic is used and centralized corporations, but they do this without notifying the user and without paying interest).

You will have the opportunity to make personal information available to certain retailers, signing smart contracts directly with advertisers.

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