Antpool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Antpool Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

One of the largest mining pools in the network currently produces 15% of all bitcoins. He also works with other cryptocurrencies, including BCC and Ethereum.

General information

AntPool is a subsidiary of the Chinese company Bitmain Technologies, which manufactures mining equipment. Poole began its work in February 2014 and has quickly become one of the leaders in mining cryptocurrency. Today it continues to evolve and improve, attracting more and more users. It AntPool one of the first to use a variety of innovative solutions. Through this approach, a multimillion-dollar investment, Poole has become a leader in the industry.

Статистика пула Antpool
Because the pool is a subsidiary of BitMaintech, a Chinese conglomerate headed by Jihan Wu often uses it for testing their innovative developments. The Union does not hesitate at drastic steps for the sake of increasing its stake in the network. For example, AntPool one of the first decided on a mining Bitcoin Unlimited, which led to a temporary collapse of the bitcoin in the spring of 2017.


Now the pool is working with hasraton not lower to 1.86 PH/s, which is more than 18% of the total computing power in the bitcoin network. Total unit size is approximately 1,024,889 bytes. The number of empty blocks (except force majeure) equal to zero. With other cryptocurrencies is approximately the same. Such measures have allowed AntPool to go to the first place among all the pools.


Pool supports all the most common types of payments, including PPLNS and PPS. And they are carried out daily and for transactions on your wallet enough to find a block and three confirmations. While AntPool some of the lowest commissions for miners. Some payments are made without charging any interest.

статистика удачных блоков на antpool

Mode PPLNS users will find a pleasant surprise – the receipt of funds does not depend on the total number of the ball, and from a certain number. That is, the calculations will be only a certain amount of the last ball at the time of generation of the next chain link, which is much more profitable for the miner. The Commission will not be charged.

Mode PPS commissions will be 2.5%. But the ball is estimated as follows: number of coins per block/difficulty of production at the moment when will payment be made. And risks and possible loss of funds in case of force majeure takes over the service.
Also the Association works with P2Pool.

Features pool

AntPool is constantly introducing various innovative modes and technologies. Pool regularly expands the number of networks, adding to their capacity the production of new cryptocurrencies. He first moved to the Protocol support SegWit.
The service supports cloud mining HashNest. He also offers mine cryptocurrency in the "solo" where you can hit the really big jackpot, and be left with nothing.

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Domestic miners will appreciate the support of not only Chinese but also Russian and English languages on the website of the company. Support is also ready to serve customers from Russia and on their native language. However, it will happen with the help of online translators, so the quality of communication in Russian is not expected.

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