Poolin - Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Poolin - Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Last month , the course of bitcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rose by 108% and reached a record level in 5 months - $266 per coin. For this reason the editors Crypt-mining.net decided to prepare a review of one of the most profitable pools for mining BCH - Poolin.

General information about mining pool Poolin.

Poolin was developed by experts blockchain platform Blockinthat specializiruetsya on the creation of innovative technologies and applications. On the pool Poolin you can get 9 of cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
  • Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV);
  • Zcash for (ZEC);
  • Litecoin (LTC);
  • Electroneum (ETN);
  • Decred (DCR);
  • DASH (DASH);
  • Monero (XMR).

The share Poolin accounts for about 8% Hasrat blockchain Bitcoin Cash, 11.9% of the computing power of the network Bitcoin, and 20.4% Hasrat Litecoin and 10% computing power Monero. The pool enjoys great popularity among the miners of cryptocurrency, as it provides high income and offers a few handy tools to improve the efficiency of mining.

The Commission Poolin pool and the minimum payout.

The size of the fee pool, the minimum payout amount and method of remuneration depend on the selected virtual currency:


Method of remuneration


The pool fee

Minimum payout



0,001 BTC


Bitcoin Cash


0,01 BCH


Bitcoin Cash SV


0,01 BSV


Zcash for


0,01 ZEC




0,01 LTC




200 ETN




0,01 DCR




0,005 DASH







The profit calculator mining of cryptocurrencies from a pool Poolin.

On the website Poolin works the profit calculator miningng>. With this tool you can determine the size of the potential profit from production of digital assets on different equipment. In the settings of the calculator you can set the following parameters:

  • Model ASIC miner;
  • the number of devices;
  • the cost of electricity;
  • period of operation of the miner;
  • the value of cryptocurrencies;
  • the expected change rate of a digital asset;
  • the difficulty of mining;
  • the pool fee;
  • additional costs.

As a result, the calculator will give you a detailed report:

Program for mining Poolin Smart Agent.

Poole has developed software Poolin Smart Agent to connect multiple miners to the server Poolin. Using the Smart Agent, you can:

  • To save on traffic;
  • to synchronize multiple miners;
  • to create secondary accounts for each device.

Shop for crypto currency miners.

On the website Poolin shop where to buy ASIC miners from the OEMs. For each device listed, the estimated amount of daily income from mining various cryptocurrencies, and the main features of asika.

Mobile application Poolin.

Poolin company has released a mobile app for Android OS and iOS. It has the following features:

  • Monitoring Hasrat in real time;
  • sending notifications about changes Hasrat;
  • calculator is income from mining of cryptocurrencies.

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Info about cryptocurrency.

In the section "Cryptocurrency Information" you can find basic information about the nine cryptocurrencies in particular:

  • The course of virtual currency;
  • the level of capitalization;
  • the number of coins in circulation;
  • adding unit;
  • the difficulty of mining;
  • the amount of reward for adding a block;
  • Hasrat network;
  • the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges
  • purses and reviewers blocks.

How to start working on a mining pool Poolin?

To begin to mine cryptocurrency Poolin you need to register an account. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Sign up";

    • enter the email address (or phone number) and click "Next";

    • enter the captcha and click on "Next";

    • enter the code to confirm your registration from the email and click "Next";

    • enter the password and click "Next";

    • enter the name of the secondary account, select the currency which you create, specify the address to receive the reward and click "Create".

The account creation is completed. To get started, you will need to configure the miner.

Setting S9 miner Antminer for Bitcoin mining on the pool Poolin.

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