Ethermine Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information.

Ethermine Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information.

Today edition prepared a review of one of the top pools for mining of the cryptocurrency - It is very popular among Russian miners, thanks to a simple and advantageous conditions. What Ethermine superior to its competitors, and why you should give preference to this pool?

General information.

Ethermine was established in 2016 in the US, since the company managed to attract to its platform several million miners around the world! At the moment the pool is used by more than 94.000 people. Ethermine allows you to get 3 cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and zcash for (ZEC). The Commission fee is 1%.


The average per hour pool adds 75 units and has a processing capacity of 61 TH/s. You can choose one of four servers - Asian, European, North American and South American. Software released for two operating systems: Windows and Linux, it supports video cards from two manufacturers - Nvidia and AMD.

How to get started?

To start working on Ethermine you need to download software for your operating system and graphics card. Then in the program you need to choose the closest server (for Russia and specify the address of your cryptocurrency wallet Ethereum. The service requires no personal data and allows you to mine cryptocurrency anonymously.

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Ethermine calculates and pays compensation according to the method of PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares). Reward for finding block is allocated depending on the number of bowl (shares) and the difficulty of mining for the last hour. Minimum payout amount is 0,5 Ethereum, a maximum of 10 Ethereum, the miner can choose the right amount. Pool automatically transfers the accrued cryptocurrency immediately after reaching the minimum payout threshold.

If you have not mined 0,5 ETH, Ethermine has the right not to pay the money. 1% Commission will be charged with the total amount of remuneration in accordance with the Protocol of the consensus blockchain. The fee for the transfer of earned coins mining pool-pays.

Distinctive features Ethermine:

  • Anonymous mining.
  • An accurate count Hasrat.
  • Instant payment.
  • The choice of minimum payments.
  • Sending notifications by e-mail.
  • Professional technical support.
  • Efficient mining engine.
  • Support of three languages (English, German and Spanish).

Which pool is better: Ethermine, Nanopool or Dwarfpool? Watch the video!

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