Nanopool - Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information✌

Nanopool - Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information✌

In connection with the depreciation of the leading cryptocurrency had reduced the profit from mining. Thousands of miners of Bitcoin were forced to suspend their work or start to mine altcoins. For those who decided to find new horizons of mining, edition prepared an overview of multi-currency mining pool Nanopool.

General information.

The company Nanopool start operating in early 2017. The pool maintains a 7 cryptocurrency: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), zcash for (ZEC), Pascal (PASC), Electroneum (ETN) and Raven (RVN). Nanopool provides a choice of 5 Fiat money: the ruble, dollar, Euro, Chinese yuan and pound sterling.

Servers for production of each digital asset located in Europe, USA, Asia, Japan and Australia. The company charges a fee of 1% for mining ETH, ZEC, ETC., XMR and 2% for RVN, PASC, ETN.


For each cryptocurrency has its own mining pool. Let's look at their characteristics separately:





Ethereum Classic

Zcash for


Hasrat pool

24.542 Gh/s

2.093 Gh/s

64.593 KSol/s

101.506 kH/s

The number of miners




Minimum payout

0,05 ETH

0.1 ETC

0.01 ZEC

0.1 XMR

The algorithm of mining










Hasrat pool

3.224 KH/s

164.362 kH/s

43.9 per Gh/s

The number of miners




Minimum payout

0.5 PASC

100 ETN

100 RVN

The algorithm of mining





How to get started?

Nanopool allows you to mine crypto-currency as on the graphic and Central processors (recall that mining on a CPU is impractical because of the low Hasrat). To start working on Nanopool, perform the following steps:

  • Download Claymore DualMiner in the tab "Help".

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  • Click on the "Generate your Config" in the "Help"menu.

  • Select the operating system of your computer, graphics card model, your e-mail address and login to the new account.
  • Select the primary server (closest in location) is a cryptocurrency which will produce and write the address of the cryptocurrency wallet, which will withdraw the earnings. Please note that Claymore DualMiner supports mining of two cryptocurrencies, so you can choose 2 of the digital asset.
  • Click on "Generate".

  • Nanopool will prompt you to download the archive from the settings. You need to unzip to the folder with the miner and run the file start.bat.

Third-party software.

Nanopool supports 4 programs developed by third parties:

  • EthMonitoring. Program for monitoring and control of miners.
  • CoinDash. Mobile app for iOS, created for managing digital assets.
  • nCompanion. Application for Android OS that allows you to monitor the statistics of mining and to control the operation of the equipment.
  • BlockWatch. Multifunctional program for iOS: calculator income from mining, Explorer, pools, and utility for managing digital assets.


Nanopool pays remuneration by the method of PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares). Reward for finding block is allocated depending on the number of the ball (shares) and the complexity of hashing in the last 20 minutes. The minimum amount of payment depends on the mined cryptocurrency.

Pool automatically puts the earned money several times a day (if the sum of the earnings have reached a minimum threshold). As a wallet for receiving payments use the address Ethereum Classic on any cryptocurrency exchange. The company does not charge a fee for the withdrawal of the reward.

Cloud mining on Nanopool.

You can buy computing power on the market of a kriptomayning NiceHash and use it for the production of digital assets in Nanopool.

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