Whalesburg Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Whalesburg Review of a mining pool Statistics and General information

Mining pool Whalesburg became very popular with miners who mine cryptocurrency on algorithm Ethash. The platform has several unique features, so the editors Crypt-mining.net decided to prepare a review of the pool Whalesburg. In this article you will learn all the important information about the work site, and you can watch the video about how to register and start working on a mining pool Whalesburg.

General information about mining pool Whalesburg.

On mining pool Whalesburg can get 5 cryptocurrencies:

The platform was created to simplify the process of mining digital assets and increase the profit from mining cryptocurrencies. To solve these problems, the creators Whalesburg has developed a platform consisting of five key elements:

  • Multicurrency mining pool;
  • technology profit-switching for switching the produced coins;
  • operating system Whalesburg;
  • cloud storage Whalesburg;
  • software to monitor and control the process of mining cryptocurrency (Overclocking Tool).

Whalesburg became the world's first mining pool, which was implemented the algorithm profit switching, to maximize the profit. We propose to consider the composite part of the pool separately.

Multicurrency mining pool Whalesburg.

To start to mine crypto-currency on the bullet Whalesburg need to register a new account by entering only the email address and cryptocurrency Ethereum wallet. The company does not identificeret customers, so you can mine the coins anonymously. On the basis of the pool has a function of Smart-Switching (flipping coins): the program analyzes the information about your hardware and finds the most favorable conditions of mining in real-time. The application automatically selects the cryptocurrency, which brings maximum profit when mining it on your device. The program also takes into account the complexity of mining and the cost of a digital asset.

The reward for mining is distributed across the system PPLNSpool charges a fee from 0.45% to 3% depending on the number of tokens Whalesburg (WBT) on your account. You can choose the option to automatically convert mined coins in Ethereum (ETH) or get rewarded in bitcoin, which is mining.

Technology profit-switching from the company Whalesburg.

Algorithm profit switching compares the profit that can be obtained from the mining of cryptocurrencies, represented on the platform Whalesburg. As a basic digital asset (compared with income), the program uses Ethereum. If the application finds a more profitable option, it automatically switches the computing power of a pool for mining this coin. This operation is performed on the server Whalesburg no delays or restarts. Thus, one can obtain maximum profit without participation on the part of the miners.

Switching Hasrat mainly in connection with the change of difficulty of mining because reducingI or increase the computing power of the blockchain. Poole adapts to new conditions and selects the most profitable coin.

Operating system Whalesburg.

Operating system Whalesburg consists of the following components:

  • The built-in drivers and tools for mining;
  • popular cryptocurrency miners and miner Miner Whalesburg;
  • Hashrate Watchdog is a tool that restarts the system in case of a fall Hasrat associated with driver error or miner;
  • technical online support Trusted Accounts;
  • application for Dual Mining (mining two coins at once) - provides the ability to mine a single bitcoin on a CPU and the second GPU;
  • user interface to configure scripts.
  • application to integrate with cloud storage, data Whalesburg;
  • utility to monitor the statistics in real time.

Cloud storage Whalesburg.

Cloud storage Whalesburg is a hard drive platform, and CPU. It stores information about the mining of virtual currencies and prepares reports on the production of digital assets. Cloud storage can be used for the following tasks:

  • Tracking the process of mining and collecting data about the operating system;
  • switching miners and change of address of the crypto;
  • remote management configuration miner and equipment;
  • sending notifications by e-mail and messenger Telegram;
  • the preparation of financial statements;
  • analysis of the operating status of the equipment.

Overclocking Tool from Whalesburg.

Softwarethe implementation for monitoring and managing the process of mining cryptocurrency (Overclocking Tool) is an effective method of improving performance of equipment for the production of digital assets. Overclocking Tool collects information about mining pool and equipment, analyzes the data in real-time and prevents system crashing. This tool sends reports on the effectiveness of hashingthat you can use to increase your profits in the long run.

Overclocking Tool designed specifically for individual miners. It is ideal for analyzing the functioning efficiency of one or two mining farmsrunning on the operating system Windows. Programmers do not recommend to use the tool for farms consisting of 10 or more cards.

How to register and start working on a mining pool Whalesburg?

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