The most popular pools for Bitcoin mining in 2019⭐app

The most popular pools for Bitcoin mining in 2019⭐app

Edition analyzed the report portal on the computational power of the blockchain Bitcoin (BTC) and has identified the most popular pools for Bitcoin mining in 2019.

The largest pools for Bitcoin mining.

7 Jan published the results of a study on pools for Bitcoin mining. They analyzed Hasrat blockchain to determine the largest pools. The data was taken from two sources: and Bitcoinity. The result was able to identify 37 of the mining pools, which added at least 0.1% of the blocks of the network over the entire period of its work.

Experts made a schedule change the number of blocks added mining pools:

In 2018, the increased number of miners and mining pools that do not identificeret yourself and work anonymously (count Unknown). In the past year decreased significantly the computing power pools F2pool and Antpool. BTCC and almost completely stopped Bitcoin mining.

Among the most popular pools for Bitcoin mining in 2019 include:

  • ViaBTC.
  • Slush.
  • Antpool.
  • F2Pool.

These pools have more than 50% Hasrat of the blockchain the Bitcoin. They all work on the market for at least two years and therefore has already gained popularity among individual miners.

The rating pools for Bitcoin mining in the size of the compensation.

In the ranking of the pools for Bitcoin mining in the size of the compensation is in the lead pool BTC Guild, which in 2013 accounted for 55% of the compute power of the BTC networktrong>. In 2014, pool Ghash, which is ranked 5th on the amount of remuneration ahead of BTC Guild in popularity, it Hasrat exceeded 51% of the total computing power of the network.

The number of mined coins Bitcoin mining pools:

What's more profitable to mine: Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash?

In August 2017, after the hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, which had created the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the miners have redirected part of the computing power on the extraction of BCH. Until December 2017 were observed sharp changes in profit margins from the extraction of BCH. This was caused by the largest mining pools Antpool, Viabtc, F2pool and BTC.comwho were engaged in the production of both cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Bitcoin to cash).

Schedule changes profit from mining Bitcoin Cash in relation to the income of Bitcoin mining:

The graph shows that the profit from Bitcoin mining Cash stabilized by the end of 2017. The difference in the amount of income from mining two coins does not exceed 20% in the past year, with the exception of November. Profit from mining fell sharply BCH on 15 November after the implementation of the hard fork in the blockchain of Bitcoin is Cash, which created a new cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Cash SV. In the period from 15 November to 15 December 2018 course BCH has fallen from $520 to $80 (84%). This was the reason for the falling profits from Bitcoin mining cash.

In December the amount of income from the extraction of the BCH has increased thanks to the appreciation of coins at 100% (up to $160). According to the portal Whattomine, profit from the extraction of BCH on ASIC miners exceeds income from mining BTC only 1%. Now Asimah mine the most profitable coins Sia (SC): the mining of this cryptocurrency is almost 2 times profitsee Bitcoin mining Bitcoin or Cash.

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